Sunday, July 31, 2011

MechThralls Assembely-style Painting Step-by-Step Part 3

The saga of thirty Thralls contiues

Step 6: Tubes
This is a simple step. Paint them pink and wash with lilac wash. If you want to you can then go back and highlight or drybrush them, but this is enough for me.

Step 7: Glow from the eyes
I first paint all the areas that shall glow white. Then I wash with GW green wash.
 I also apply a thin layer, the brush is almost dry at this point, of the wash to the areas I want to reflect this glow. After this I again paint white the areas I want to be the brightest.
After some touching up and further highlight of the skin they are done.
After finishing the bases the units looks like this.

Now I have to finish the front arc marking and re-seal them, since I got them all f-ed up by using spray sealer. Not to worry, I shall un-ruin them :)

All in all I think I spent maybe 1-1,5 hours per model. And Im happy with how they turned out. Till next time.

See ya!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MechThralls Assembely-style Painting Step-by-Step Part 2

So I continue the thralls.

Step five: Metals NMM

Since I am doing thirty thralls at ones, I'm doing just three high lights and one shadeing of the NMM metals. The result will be decent enough and is easy to do (although this is the most time consuming part of the model by far).

I start by base coating the metals in stonewall grey and move on to wash the whole shabang with badab black.

 I then took a break and painted all the tubing and black stuff.
The highlight is done in three steps. First I highlight with stonewall grey, then with glacier blue and a final one with bone white.

Finally I shade the whole thing by applying azuremen blue to the darker areas, and thus creating a chrome effect of sorts. The effect is good enough for the table and quite effect full from a foot or two distant.
Now I will do the rest of the thirty and then move on. Updates coming soon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

MechThralls Assembely-style Painting Step-by-Step Part 1

30 Mechthralls is a lot of thralls. I have decided to paint them in one big go to get it over and done with. Fortunally they dont have a lot of detail and different parts so not many colors will be required.

Step One: Basecoating

I have allready based built the bases for the thralls, going with a mix of my armys bases. I.e one unit on the beach, one unit with a mixed beach and board walk base and the last one with just decking styled bases.

I proceed to base coat the horde using my airbrush and Vallejo's Dead Flesh. I do one thin sweep all over the model and then one more sweep covering all the skin parts with extra care. Dead flesh is the base for the skin.
Above a picture of the horde and below a picture of how my hands look after base coating. Attractive.

Step Two: Washing the skin

I use a purple wash from Games Workshop and wash all the skin bits with it.

Step three: High Lighting Skin

I use Dead Flesh again for the first highlight and then mix it with a pure with color 50/50 ratio for additional highlight. I dont bother making it perfect, this is miniatures for gaming after all, and in addition, they are the undead so what if they have some skin issues?

Step four: Open Flesh

I apply Vallejo's Gory Red in all the rips in the skin and all the parts with muscle tissue and then wash it with the purple GW wash. Simple but affective.

Next its time for the metals. Stay tuned for part 2.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update: Summer Cryx WIP

So I have finished basing all the minis just today. They are so many. Insanely many! While I wait for the green stuff on the last bases to cure I will paint some solos or light jacks. This saturday will be spent hobbying and I am hoping to get a lot done. Tomorrow I will try to get a game in. Maybe even give the new format Unbound a whirl :D

here is a pic of the rest of my armies in their entirety. Lots to do, but I have high hopes for the McThralls which I will do in a assembly line fashion. 

Earlier in the week my girlfriend asked if she could try to paint something. She also wanted to be instructed on techniques and stuff so she asked if we could kind of tandem paint the same figure. That is a figure each but the same one. 
So I dug around my bits and pieces without much hope of finding a duplicate figures for us to paint (I did not want to paint any warmachine stuff off course) and what do you know, a griffon with a high elf jumps up at me. No! two griffon with mounted high elfes. 
I hastily clean and assemble them while my girlfriend jumps in to research mode, scouring the inter-webs for background and pictures of griffins. When I have finished cleaning and assembling she has decided to do it's body in a panther scheme. A kind of cartoony panther scheme. I think that is a great idea! The picture below is from maybe 2 hours of work and is just ready for highlighting. more blue is needed off course but I think it looks great (the pictures does not do it justice :S)! 
I just showed her the basics of basecoating, glazeing and shadeing and off she went. On mine I lost patients and after said bsecoat-/glaze-/shade-demo I cracked out the airbrush and went to town. Lots of fun!

More updates soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Cryx && Summer Circle

Hi all.

Summer is here! In sweden that means lots of rain and vacation. I started mine this Monday and have spent the last few days in horizontal position. However, now Im back home and have dug out the miniatures I want to work on these weeks. The list goes on and on and on and on...

I got my 30 (!) McThralls and the second unit of Necrosurgeon with stich Thralls last week. In addition to this I have 11 Bane Thralls with UA I want to paint. And what goes great with banes? A banelord you say?! Tartarus is assambled and is waiting for his base.

The first version of Skarre has a great base reminicent of the one my Seether got and on top of this I need to paint my Nightmare and a Harrower I have on my shelf.

But to start with Im gonna finish my last 10 miniatures for the Circle: eKaya and her pet wolf Laris, 3 skinwalkers, a woldwyrd and 4 tharn Bloodtrackers.

All in all, about 60-70 miniatures. Time to get busy!