Sunday, March 27, 2011

Test model Bane thrall

Did a pilot model for y unit of Bane thralls yesterday. Took me most of the night, maybe four or five hours. But the rest of the unit should go faster. I will do (and did on the pilot as well) the purple with the airbrush and thus saving loads of time.
This week I'm moving to another city and will not have time to paint at all. So, instead I will troll the internet for new boardgames. I have a pair of them on my wish list right now, some new, some a little less new and one that is out of print and will cost me a small fortune to obtain. But, maybe since I "saved" myself 120€ today by finding one of the keys for my apartment it wont hurt that bad :)

And, I will also get 35 new models to put the brush to. One of which looks this awesome:
 See ya!

Friday, March 25, 2011

WIP Njal Stormcaller and finished DeathJack

Hi all. Took a complete break from packing my stuff into boxes today. Got some painting done instead. I finished the Deathjack and managed to snap some pictures of it and the progress I made this week on Njal (not much there though).

The Death Jack is painted for the table. I was, at first, gonna paint my cryx to my highest standard but since my Circle Orboros also is of that standard I figured, f*** it!  I wanna play with my toys and am doing a compromise between speed and greatness. Still, I think it looks sharp anyhow. Ahem. No more bragging and slapping myself on the shoulder (both things frowned upon in Sweden :) )
So there he is in all his glory. Lots of chipping and damages allready but hes ready for the table. He is!! :) 

And finally, Njal:
He got his arms on and almost painted. Now I have to decide if I want battle wear and damages on it or not. I kind of like it clean but there is a lot of open spaces and areas to deal with. Hmmm...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WIP Death Jack

I dropped the DeathJack! The whole left skull of hate and all the plastic bits and stuff scattered all over the place. I was overjoyed! NOT! But miracle do happens and the superglue hid it all and the paint were unharmed so this is how he looks now, as I head for bed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Cryx

Back at home.

Today I will mention my ongoing Cryx-project. Project: Cryx if you will. It will contain the following figures:

Death Jack
2x Bonejacks with magnetized heads

Witch Coven of garlhast

12 bane thralls + UA
Bane Lord Tartarus
10 Satyxis Raiders + UA
Satyxis Captain
Pistol Wraith
Wraith Witch sireen
Withershadow Combine

A lot of modells. I do have them all. Almost finished the satyxis this week. Is picking along with the deathjack now. So here are some update pictures.

I present to you: death Jack, sporting a pink/lilac base color with yellow and turquoise complements, gold and metal NMM. Also, his skulls-o'-death!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Im at my girlfriends for a about a week. And I realised that I would not be able to stay away from the minis for that long (even if it might have been good for me). So, this is what I do at her desk as she goes away for work.

See you in a week :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Games Workshop games may suck but they do know how to sculpt

Thats right! The Games Workshop game, Warhammer 40K released, for pre-order, their latest codex and the models for the new army. Grey knights look freakin' awesome! Just look at this bitching monstrosity!!

The collector in me wants to build an Grey Wolf army. How sweet. I really need to finish my ongoing projects. If only.

Im rambling. So, over to Njal. He's moving along steady. I have a bit of focus elsewhere right now, as I am moving soon and have to start packing and also Im going away for nine days Friday. But today I put a little effort into him. The picture below shows some of the progress, a bit of another project (Cryx Death Jack)  and also why I always am disappointed in the quality of my pictures. I will explain the last in a bit.
 I am happy of how the model is progressing but as I stated above, not of my photo skills. Or lack thereof. This is almost how he looks. Almost exactly like he looks. A closer look.

Really nice. So, why do it get all f-ed up and fugly when I use my photobox (see below for reference)? It pisses me off that I cant take better pictures. But im sure it is just a matter of practise. So, expect more photos!! :D
And after this I primed, base coated and glued the arms to the model. So, progress till now and the last fo a couple of weeks (oh, how will he fare in the move?? :S)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Njal Stormcaller - WIP

So I finally got around to look up this dudes name. Njal stormcaller. Made some real progress on him last night while listening to the audio book of "hundraåringen som gick ut genom fönstret och försvann" (the one hundred year old man who went out the window and disappeared". It is a funny book reminiscent to Forest Gump. Recommended.
The pictures...the pictures. I really need to work on my photo skillz. but never the less. As you can see. Lots of progress. Now, time for work.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I took a photo of my complete Khador collection today. It does not look as huge as it is. It does not look like the hours upon hours I spent on painting it.Or maybe it does.

Im considering selling it. Im going back and forth allot.I dont have time right now to go into why, though the main reason is I wont have time to play it anyway now that I want to play my circle. Then my Cryx will be ready and then the train has moved on. I might sell it then. I will decide soon. or not. ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Space-wolf

Hi all.

Made some progress on my space wolf last night. Did some high lightning on his armour and also his face. neither the armour nor the face is finished but rather I will work on them as he progresses. I have a faint idea (getting stronger) that I will have his armour much in this strong contrast as it is now and do some work on the base as if he is howling in the moonlight. But, who knows.

Pictures? Pictures!

You like?

Also this morning I woke early and could not go back to sleep. I tossed and turned for a while then I went out on ebay on a shopping spree. Found this dude who has everything plastic GW in bits. Sooo awesome. Ordered a high High Elf on Griffin from the a box set, a space wolf terminator with power claws (called that?), heads w/o helmet to put in said armour and a Ork Boss from the Assault on Black Reach box set. Golden Demon, here I come ;)