Wednesday, April 27, 2011


More pictures as soon as I get around to take them. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

GothCon 2011

Oh boy. This weekend has been brutal. My brother came down from the Capitol and we been at it non stop. Drinking, eating and gaming! Oh its been beautiful. My results in the Swedish Masters was distaerous and I am gonna have to get my ducks in a row soon! I blame it on the semi-new faction I am playing and the fact that I have not been playing at all lately. I tried another of PP's games this weekend and off course ended up buying it:

Monster Apocalypse is now resting in the shelf and looks like this in the box, next to another(!) new game I invested in:

OOh the hours upon hours of cardboard fun :)

As for the new minis, here they are, crappy night-before-gothcon-picture and all:


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh its been a busy couple of weeks with a new occupation, a change of city, pace and routines. I finally have finished some models. Wont lift the veil until after the Swedish Masters tomorrow though. Then they might just hit the tables. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New place, new town, new job, new update

Oh boy have I been busy. I am tired to the bones. Have moved boxes for the entire last week, moved in to a new place Thursday and started a new job Friday. The whole weekend was spent more or less unpacking and then more newness on Monday. The work has been flying around my head at home...and...enough complaining.  I got some paint on my Spacewolf today. He is soon done, he gots some minor touch ups to get and his crow still need to be painted, but I am shelving him for now. I have about 12 models I want to paint till Swedish Masters the 22 April. We'll see :)

Updates!! Pictures!!!

As seen, I went for the battle damage. Need to work on that some more in the future but, Im sort of new :)

A disappointment hit me when I checked in to CMON and found this guy, painted buy one of my absolute favourite painters. To make matters worse, another one of my idols started a project I have been planning for a while. Aarrgh... But, it might mean I'm on the right track, model-wise...?