Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Update!

I have been very productive of late. I have painted loads of stuff and played two tournaments. I been manic almost. But, now I will have a big hooby break due to moving and all the time that will consume. Also I would like to actully play the game some more. And maybe even try to see some people outside the hobby to get, well, some perspective on things.

So, First things first. For the Danish Masters, which I played, I brought a couple of new things. I painted a Stalker (I play cryx), I painted Gerlak (shown him in an earlier post) and a unit of bane thralls with UA and the obligatory Bane Lord. Also the Witch Coven got a couple of Coats.

My Cryx has been nick named "Disco Cryx", "Gay Cryx", "LCD Cryx" and "Pride Cryx" by the locals and I cant really blame them. Also I got a lot of comments from some REALLY good painters in Denmark that maybe I should choose my colors with more care :)

Well, I do know quite a bit about colors and I know how to break the rules (I think). My cryx is insane I know. But they also make me smile. Which is important I think. I hear it prolongs you life or something.

For the tournament this weekend I painted a new caster and a full unit of Mercenary's.

The tournament went well enough. 4-1 and a fifth place. Good Enough.

I Have also been fooling around with some other stuff, green stuff. I have tried to convert the screaming bell rat ogre to make the cut for my Blood Bowl team and am semi satisfied with the result. I will maybe re-do the spikes in the shoulder pads to more of the plasticard ones.

I also made this crazy ass arc node. :D

Later Skaters!

Argh! Almost forgot. Painted a little on a dwarf from Rackham to:

Now Im done! :D

Monday, September 12, 2011