Monday, February 28, 2011

Pushweek OVER! - WIP update on space wolf terminator

The push is over. I have taken pictures of the models but I did it last night after a week of painting and a weekend of gaming I was to tired to make them any good. I am embarresed to post them here so I just link to a fourmpost of them here.

On another note, I could not keep my hands of the airbrush when I came home last night and made some progress on the spacewolf (have forgotten his name). I airbrushed some dark blue and medium grey up to really light grey on him and below is the result.

He is somewhat light now in color so I think I need to shade him a little bit with a darker grey. And also I need to fix a couple of spots where the airbrush techniqe, or the lack thereof is showing

But all in all Im happy with how I am progressing in the airbrush field. Till next time!

Friday, February 25, 2011


01:13 the final static grass was put on the bases, after airbrushing markings on them. This, marking, may need to be redone cause at that point I was very tired. At 5:50 I woke and figured I didn't need any more sleep. Got up and put some leafs and other nignags on the bases. In a hour Im of the races. Im pretty confident of my chances for taking home best painted, but man am I to tired to win a single match...well well. I will try ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Push-week. Status Update

Have finished the wolf riders!!! Took me the whole Wednesday. The whole! Started at about ten in the morning and considered them finished at midnight or one o'clock (kind of fuzzy by then). My friends Kryddan and Stolph kept me company for some of the time but the final hours was spent listening to World War Z. If you have not read/listned to it I strongly recomend you do. It is awesome. But no, some pictures. They are sucky and bad, but I promise some better pics once the push is over tomorrow.

Now, time to go and buy some breakfast, coke and prepare for a nother day of painting. But tonight I'm watching a movie with a friend so it wont be such a late night as last. Later!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuornament-Push: Vinterslaget!

This upcoming weekend there is a tournament in Halmstad called Vinterslaget (The battle of winter). I have almost decided to play my Circle Orboros army. Almost. But that means I have the following to finish till then:
Four Wolf Riders, Kromac Human form and a Wilder. Thats 6 figures. That is a lot. But I have Tuesday afternoon and wed-fri to do it. It could work. Problem is I kind of loath doing the riders... I much rather do this guy:
or this guy:

I have taken out the airbrush and started experimenting on this guy. With mixed results. But, never the less, this week will be dedicated to riders of wolfs, druid wilder and Kromac puny form. Updates forthcoming.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ongoing Projects - Future Projects

Am sitting in my sofa trying not to fall asleep while waiting...for something...

Today I picked up my first Games Workshop figure.
Does this finally make me a serious painter? Me buying a figure I won't play with, one just for painting and showing off. Well, no.

Did I buy it just cause I thought it is pretty and I would love to paint it? No, not only thus. Maybe, one day, I will tell you the rest of my reasons for purchasing this figure and planing to paint him, but not today. Today I will talk about my ongoing projects, and I still have time before my waiting is up, future projects as well.

  1. Finish two 50 points lists/armys for Circle Orboros. (6 minatures left after finishing the wolf rider above)
  2. Two 50 points lists/army's for Cryx. (something like 30 miniatures left, all bought and paid for though) 
  3. A startbox for Firestorm Armada
  4. Njal Stormcaller. To my very best standard. I wanna place him in the high 8's on CMON. 
  5. Pillars of Salt markers for Moshar (a circle warlock)
  6. Paint Moshar the desert walker
Each of these, especially the first two, has or has had, a couple of sub-projects. E.g paint 5 wolf riders (urkh! hate those guys...). But the thing is, I wanna evolve as a painter. I want to start devoting more time to each miniature and to do that I feel the need to finish the miniatures I have bought for my army's. And another problem is that there will be new blisters of figures in my drawers before I have finished them. I just know it. 
Anyhow. This is how Njal looked after a good old rubbing down with steel wool. Now my waiting is up. Later!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Taking the airbrush for a spinn

I just graduated about a 2 weeks ago. My lovely parents got me an airbrush as a present. I have just been trying it out on paper and stuff a couple of times, but have been itching to try it on some miniature. Tonight was the night. I started with a Seether but with horrible result. I resprayed him white and decided to doodle on some paper for a while. After about a hour a bone jack caught my eye and well here's what happened to it...

It is not awesome. It is however my second attempt and I am happy with how it turned out. I think that with practise (lots of practise) this will be a very, very useful tool in the box. 

I think I should mention that the only parts that will remain purple is the "plates" with the highlight on them. The rest of the purple is just me being sloppy :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

And so it begins...

Im out of work. Well, Im out of school. I still have a part time job at a local electronics chain but I have no school. Being a grown man with ADHD or DAMP or some such disorder I feel the need to keep doing stuff anyway. All the time. Constantly. So, why not start a blog? About that which I constatly do: paint and sculpt. And play. Games such as this:

Warmachine is the game of the day and the figures in the game and how I paint them will be the stuff I mainly write about. I hope I will write about it anyway. 

During this blog I will talk about my ongoing project, past projects, tournaments I attend, games that interest me and hopefully along the way I will tell the tale of how I went from painting like this

(though not at all bad) to this:

(Which is allot better).
Enjoy the ride.