Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The General

I have emerged from a bad time in my life. A time where I for once lacked any motivation to paint and just sulked around all day. It lasted a couple of weeks. Then the painting table beckoned me back and a tournament whipped me on.

The result of said tourney was 14 bane thralls painted and the Bane Lord to boot (some day they might appear here). The place I ended up in was 5th. Not bad. But I was disappointed that all kind of painting competition  was left out of the tourney.

I did however pick up this guy and painted him yesterday. He was a delight to paint and I reckon I will paint him again someday. Maybe for a trip to the USA and put him in a competition at a Con. I think I can give him a real decent paint job given more than the 6 hours he got here.

Click for a bigger picture! Regards/D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some WIPS pictures

Some things I worked on last week. Due to some issues that came up this week, I haven't done anything and the hobby motivation is at an all time low. So, who knows when these get done.