Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gaming table Done (sort of)

Aaaand Im done. The big river is still somewhat sticky but nothing I will bother with in the near future. Im in a real bad place gamingwise right now where I basicly dont feel like doing it. But now, at least, I have a table I can decide not to play on :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ork warboss WIP #3

It is nice to do something different. I have found some insperation and have returned to my orc warboss. He got some addinitonal paint today. Nice to take the camere, get some closeups and find the spots that need further work ;)
The model is part of my preparation for next years projects. I will enter a Golden Demon.

I KNOW! It is quite different from the gaming and painting of PP stuff that has been going on lately, but...I have to try it. I do love painting. So, a dash to finish some stuff for my cryx before the new year, then its Games Workshop all the way.

At least when it comes to painting. Maybee. ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gaming table and disasters (small and large)

Im all moved in. I do have some boxes left that need to go into the addict, but it is still full of the previous tenants stuff, so they get stored in the kitchen for now.

As I was moving in I decided to get some work done on my gaming table. I knew this project was bound to generate a lot of spill and wast, dust and sand all over the place so I figured might as well (since I needed to clean the place anyway after the move).

A couple of weeks earlier me and a friend had raided a hardware store for material; pink foam, and mdf boards and such stuff. I had also bought a GW battlemat and some resin for water effects. I had a clear plan of what to do. A river going through two 2" by 4" sections of board so that the river could either be going diagonally through the whole board or be in two of the corners not interrupting to much.

This is a picture of one section, almost done.

Some things left to do. I need to paint the sides black, the circle to the left got to get more sand in the edges and I am also gonna sand the edges of matt around the river. The sand is obviously going to get painted as well.

here are some closeups, which will bring me to some of the disasters the title refers to.

Thus far everything looks great. LOOKS GREAT! The bloody resin refuses to cure! It cures almost all the way through but at the surface it is still all sticky and &%#t! Aaargh! So I tested another water effect I had lying around to see if I could cure OVER the surface, kind of a protective layer. It did. It looks like this:
So the watereffect did not go well together with the resin. It looks lie snot. WTF!

The other part of the board was a complete disaster. It did not cure. At all! So Back to square one. Tear it all out and start over. I will have to do that to the snot part of board one as well, but I will wait until my second delivery of (very expansive) resin arrives. *whimper*

so, status as of now: 

  1. Pissed off!
  2. Broke!
 Next time this board SHALL be finsihed and maybe I can get some painting done. Who knows...

Till next time!