Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2015 - Im playing to win

So, its this time of year again! I have faction anxiety. I have three factions to choose from, one of which Im familiar with but is one of the most played in the meta right now (Cryx), one of which is fun and hard and really, really good but which I am terrible at playing(Circle). And one which is good and broken but I have not had practise with (Legion). So which to choose?

I have pledged to myself that year 2015 shall be the year where I break out of the x-and-2-bracket and enter the x-and-1 or x-and-0 bracket and in order to give myself a real chance at that I need to do a couple of things, among those:

  1. Play the things that give me the biggest advantage against the rest of the field 
  2. Stop changing factions (i.e Learn and Master one Faction)
  3. Stop caring so much about how I am perceived
  4. Become better at closing games
The third one is interesting. I play Cryx now. I dont like to play Gaspy2 because he is considered cheesy. I dont like to field Denny2 (even though I like playing her) for the same reasons. I like to play Skarre2 (always have) cause she supports her army and plays the denial game. No ones think she is the shit. No one complains if I win with her.  

The point is, I am wrong in doing this. Why should I handicap myself this way. I should find the cheesiest, most broken and unfair stuff i can find and annihilate my opponents with it (I don't have to be a d*ck about it, mind you). There is those who can play sub par casters and still beat most other players. I'm not one of those players. I need my broken-ass-stuff. And if people think less off me for it: so be it! I'll bath in their tears and cherish the Lament of Their Women, as I drive them before me! 

2015 - I'm playing to WIN!

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  1. I like you more when you play broken ass shit! #handicapfree2015