Thursday, November 27, 2014

First game with Bradigus

So here's the guy all the fuzz is about. I took him out for a spin yesterday. My list:

6 x woldwatcher
wold guardian
3 sets of shifting stones
2 sets of Sentry stones

I played against Harby. Terrible matchup for him. Terrible list to play, Bradigus is. I got everything tangled up and my order of activation got FUBAR. I put Bradigus wa-A-aA-y to much up the board and got purified and then it was just a bloody beating after that. 

After the fiasco I stayed at the table for a long while practicing my deployment and first two turns. I realized a couple of things:

  1. This list is not easy to play! And isnt unbeatable. If you can put small wrenches in it your (Bradigus) opponent might clock.
  2. If you start loosing shifting stones you loose the list. you cant boost, charge, heal, nothing (since the stones is you fury management)! Protect those fuckers! 
  3. I can pretty much stay in the deployment zone with Bradigus the first turn or most of the game if there is'nt a kill box going on.
  4. If there is no shooting on the other side of the table I could acctually run stuff first turn if I go first!
  5. I need to play more!

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