Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Almost done - what am I doing, what have I learned

So, this year is almost over and what have we done (to paraphrase)? lets se:


The year began with me playing circle. And complaining. I was beginning the year on a bad losing streak. I could not understand. I have since switched back to Cryx and have had some very minor success (a third and a second place in smaller tournaments). 

We went to Irland (I played Cirlce) and I went 3:3 I think. It was fun though. 

I picked up a complete army of Legion of Everblight which is assembled and awaiting paint. They might have to wait a while still (even if I'm itchy to try out that new ambush unit and Abby2). Cause now I am starting to long for circle again...


Why didn't I win using Circle in the beginning of this year? Why would I now? The answer to the first question is that my training games are against the same players I always face in my training games - not the best in Sweden but better ranked than me. And I have come to understand that, in order to win over great players with a faction/team/whathaveyou, you first need to learn how to win with them. I should have played some matches first against some players  at the same level as me or someone with a new faction as well maybe. So, I might give Circle another try. I'm having the itch. I want to play the Goat-Lady again. And mr. Pushy McFlightpants. 


Yeah. Im doing some of that to. The painting standard of my armies has decreased steadily over the last couple of years and Im not as inspired by that as I used to be. However there is rumored to be a P3 Grand Master painting competition at SmogCon, which I will attend. And enter in at least 2 categories. More on that to come. 

Now I need to go and theory-machine some Circle.

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