Sunday, October 12, 2014

A new hope

I got circles on my mind these days. After reading some WTC lists I realize circle is the most fun to play and also the best faction. I should play them, I should stick to my guns, learn them and all that. So, ironically, I plan to stop playing Cryx (i.e. not sticking to my guns...) and take up my Circle again after the next tournament. Maybe this time I can get through the boring period of losing and come out the other side a winner. Maybe.

I played a game yesterday against a Denny2 tier 4 list (the NQ one) and had a blast (I played Kruger2)! Which is not a common thing against that type of list. The "quicken Chicken" is IN-SA-NE! Never before has so few models killed so many un-dead (or enslaved) infantry for so few points. It all came down to a 37% assassination from me to win: Denny was incorporeal behind a wall but I aimed with Kruger, needing 12s to hit (and getting sustained attack). I missed the first and second shot (going all in) but the last shot connected, and rolled for damage, after 2 minutes of shaking the dice whilst trash-talking my opponent, a six, a five and a five (needing boxcars). I groaned and scanned my side of the table for one more magic attack (I was feated on so couldnt advance) and found it! My shifting stones UA! I accelerated him with a griffon and shifted forward and proceeded to throw rocks at Deneghra. I missed the first but being only 3 inches from her auto-hit with the blast. Needing 9 to win and rolled 7. Acceleration shot missed but I rolled the nine for damage!!!

The excitement was short though, since we quickly realized that Acceleration gives you a star-action at end of activation, NOT a star-attack. So Denny stayed at 2 life and Kruger got eaten by a Nightmare. But still, one of the most fun games I have had playing warmachine.

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