Friday, April 27, 2012

Excarnate - Bile Thrall (Tactica) How to lose friends and alienate people

Hi all

Haven't writen in a while. Have been preparing for the swedish nationals in WM by painting lots of miniatures. And dreaming of killing Gun Mages and Nyss Hunters and other high def units using cheap Bile Thralls.

I will (have been by the time this gets published) played Skaverous in the nationals. And Im thinking about biles. And Excarnate. And how silly it is. In the list I will be running the threatrange is "just" 22" from your unit commander in the bile unit. Silly.

Wanna know how it works? wanna know? This is how it works:

In this setup, the Skaverous player goes first (best obv). I have choosen just the figures involved in the trick:
Darragh Wrathe
Warwitch Siren
"Arc node"

He is faced with a bunch of Nyss, 2 heavys and eDenny.


Move up with everything. The biggest threat range a Nyss hunter can get is 22" (with push and +2 SPD) but usually it is just 19. To be sure you could run 10" up the table but here I just advance them 9,5".
Assuming the Denny player chooses to advance cautiously it could end up something like this. Would you feel safe? I think I would. But here comes round 2

1. First powerboost the Arc Node

2. Run the arc node up the table. Find an easy living target. In lack of that, just find a living one.
3. Move Skaverous up 3,5-somthing-inches.

5. Place new bile thrall grunt as shown in picture

now here comes a lot of movement tricks

6. Telekinesis (TK) the first bile thrall and then TK back yourself (this requires you to feat before excarnate to get enough focus, but you can also skip this step)
7. Use skarlock to TK bile unit leader to keep formation.

8. Darragh do his thing! 1" more move (forward for bile, backward for Skaverous)

9. Walk, PURGE! result below:

Beware, this will probably not make you allot of friend, this move. And considering the additional damage you can make with a reaper and the withershadow combine in the list you might just as well change your name and skip town all together ;)

But there it is.

Note to self (lesson learned from masters): Bile thralls doing Purges hits everything and causes continuous corrosion. CONTINUOUS CORROSION!


  1. How many kills did this awesome trick get you in the Nationals?

  2. not many enough. asshole. ;)